General Criminal Defence

If you are facing investigation or prosecution for a criminal offence then you need the very best legal assistance available. The whole process can be extremely distressing and traumatic, which is why you need a vastly experienced criminal defence lawyer who can provide a discrete, sensitive and expert service to both private individuals and corporate employees.

Providing An Expert Defence Against Criminal Charges

At Dunlop Allen, our expert criminal lawyers have successfully defended clients against a wide range of alleged offences. Whether it’s minor road traffic matters or more serious criminal offences, we have developed our enviable reputation in cases involving:

  • Serious fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Theft
  • Violent assaults
  • Sexual offences
  • Money laundering
  • Drugs crimes
  • Traffic offences

For an initial discussion with no obligation, call Mark Allen on 0141 552 1726. Alternatively you can send us an online enquiry.

Experienced Assistance In Legal Cases Large And Small

Whether the offence is relatively minor or serious and complex, our lawyers understand just how confusing and frightening being arrested or charged with an offence can be.

We focus on providing you with the first class advice and representation you need, communicating with police, investigators and prosecuting authorities on your behalf to ensure your best interests are protected throughout the case.

Our specialist legal assistance is available at every stage of the case. We can advise at the police station if you are subject to an interview under caution, or put in place an expert defence should your case go to court. We can also assist in cases where there is an international element such as drug trafficking or computer crime such as hacking.


We generally accept instructions to act in relation to ‘general crime’ cases on a privately paying basis. In certain circumstances, for example if the case is a ‘very high cost case’, we may be able to provide representation if legal aid is available. Contact us and we will advise you on the best way to fund your case.

Committed To Protecting Your Best Interests

When you find yourself at the centre of a criminal case, the first thing you should do is give us a call. Our experienced lawyers will provide clear, straightforward and professional advice, and when the time comes, will fight fearlessly to protect your best interests.